Development Strategy
Translational Medicine Platform
Translational Medicine is a bi-directional translation model (bench to bedside translation) advocated from laboratory to clinical research, and translational medicine research is an important element of drug development, and its research results are the engine of new drug development and provide important support for the successful launch .
A translational medicine team with practical experience at domestic and abroad has been assembled, and the laboratories in Wuxi and Shanghai has established the platforms such as biomarker development, quantitative drugs, bioinformatics, etc.. and cooperated with many well-known medical institutions at home and abroad.
At the present stage, we aim to accelerate the development of our existing products, improve the success rate of clinical trials, promote the rapid launch of our products and find the most suitable drugs for patients, and then we will aim to promote the innovation of our company from the origin to add fuel to our sustainable development.
Improve the success rate of new drug research and development
Promote the original innovation of Company
Identify and Validate Predictive biomarkers
Validate Indications、In Vivo Efficacy and Combination Therapy Strategies
New target validation
Discover the Mechanisms of drug resistance
PK/PD Model and dose Regimen Analysis
Population selection, Patient stratification